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Kitchen Fundamentals Two Part Series | 6:00-8:30

This is a two part series – I need two days, and two and a half hours each class with you to share my top 10 most important skills to master for a beginning cook! This series is aimed at beginners who want to master some important skills in the kitchen. We are going learn the following – how to make salad dressing from scratch, how to make two wonderful versatile sauces, how to roast a chicken, how to make a go to meal for company, how to make a great soup, how to make stock, how to poach an egg, how to make a rich tomato sauce for pasta, how to make butter and how to sear and cook a steak. This class is a combination of hands on and around the island.

$150 for 2 classes, March 14 and March 21

Instructor: Chef Tricia Wheeler

From: March 14 6:00pm
Until: March 14 8:30pm
Capacity 12
Open seats 0
Price $150.00