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Introduction to West African Food | 3:00-6:00

The Seasoned Farmhouse is excited to introduce Kuukua Yomekpe to our kitchen. She is a 1st generation Ghanaian American. She wil be sharing flavors from the blended regions of West Africa that will include,

Egusi (melon seeds) spinach stew with
Eba (dried yucca dumpling)
Nkatsi nkwan (peanut soup/curry) with lamb and fufu plantain dumpling
Yam balls
Fried Rice

$65, Around the Island

The Seasoned Farmhouse is excited to have Kuukkua sharing her love of West African cuisines.

From: February 18 3:00pm
Until: February 18 6:00pm
Capacity 12
Open seats 0
Price $65.00