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8 Week Patissier Series | 10:00-1:00

We are excited for the second round of Pâtissier 1. It is for the beginners as well as the most experienced home bakers. We will have a short lecture time at the beginning or end of each class covering mixing methods, function of ingredients, chemical leaveners, and much more, but the majority of class time will be hands on. We will spend the first week mastering cookies. The second and third week we will cover cakes, cupcakes, buttercreams and decorating. Our fourth and fifth weeks together we’ll learn about Hot & Cold Desserts: Ice cream, Sorbet, Gelato, Frozen Yogurt, Sherbet, Cobblers, Crisps, Baked Alaska and poached Pears. The sixth and seventh weeks will be on European Cakes, Entremets & Petits Gateaux. These are mousse or cream based cakes and miniatures with beautiful interior and lots of flavors & texture. Our final week will be all about Pies & Tarts. Each student will get a kit of things they will need for class: a Seasoned Farmhouse apron, spatulas, rose nails and tips. I hope you join us in this series! It will be sweet.

2/2/18 Week 1: Cookies: Volume vs Weight, Mixing Methods, Temperatures & Function of Ingredients

Oatmeal Raisin, Snicker doodle, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Macarons

2/9/18 Week 2: Cake Baking, Buttercreams & Cupcake Decorating: Chemical Leaveners, Mixing Methods

Buttercreams: American, Italian, Swiss, French

2/16/18 Week 3: Cake Assembly, Buttercreams & Decorating: Borders, Writing, Flowers

Birthday Torte

2/23/18 Week 4: Hot & Cold Desserts:

French & American Ice Cream, Sorbet, Crisp, Cobbler, Brownies

3/2/18 Week 5: Hot & Cold Desserts:

Sherbet, Frozen Yogurt, Gelato, Baked Alaska, Flambé, Poached Pears

3/9/18 Week 6: European Cakes, Entremets & Petits Gateaux: Gelatin & Mousse

Charlotte, Tiramisu, Mudslide Torte

3/16/18 Week 7: European Cakes, Entremets & Petits Gateaux: Joconde & Glazes

Lemon Mousse Cake with Blackberry
Mango Mascarpone Torte
White Chocolate Mouse Cake with Raspberry

3/23/18 Week 8: Pies & Tarts: Rubbing Method:

Chocolate Cream Pie, Strawberry Chiffon Pie, Salty Caramel Apple Pie, Lemon Meringue Pie, Many Berry Pie, Tomato & Goat Cheese Tart

$1300, Hands-on

Instructor: Damaris Oldfield

From: February 02 10:00am
Until: February 02 1:00pm
Capacity 9
Open seats 6
Price $1,300.00