• Fall2017

Gourmet Magazine Menu Class | 6:00-8:00

One of my favorite past-times is reading old issues of Gourmet magazine. I fell in love with this magazine when I was in high school. It definitely influenced my love of food and was my bible in the kitchen for many years before going to culinary school. Our library at The Farmhouse is filled with old issues that we have collected or have been gifted. They take me back to a time when everything seems less hurried and more romantic. Elaborate entertaining, cocktail hour after work with nibbles, and cooking a complex recipe on the weekend were the norm. In this inaugural class (which might become an ongoing seasonal series) we will cook from the pages of Gourmet. I will pick the best of the best recipes and we will create a full meal together and then we will dine at our elaborately decorated table! This is a hands on class, wear your pearls and fanciest apron!!

$75, Hands-on

Instructor: Chef Tricia Wheeler

From: December 07 6:00pm
Until: December 07 8:00pm
Capacity 11
Open seats -3
Price $75.00