• Fall2017

Pâtissier Series 1, 8 Week Series | 10:00-12:30

The Baking and Pastry Series, Pâtissier, is for our most serious students. Taught in one 8 week session, this series is designed for both beginners and more experienced home cooks.

Click here for more details, including a full schedule of each week's lesson. 

Series will run weekly on Tuesday from 10:00-1:00 staring August 8 through September 26.

$1300 for 8 weeks, hands-on series

Instructor: Damaris Oldfield

damarisDamaris first discovered her love for pastry in middle school. Her passion grew as her education did. She is a graduate of Johnson & Whales University's Baking & Pastry Arts Advanced Standing Program. She completed a three-month internship at Walt Disney World. Upon graduation, she has worked with many great chefs in hotels, restaurants, and bakeries. She has formerly taught at the Art Institute in Cincinnati, where she first enjoyed sharing her sweet experiences and education. Damaris is passionate about understanding why baking works and sometimes why it doesn't. Baking should not be something too complicated for the home cook to master.

From: August 08 10:00am
Until: August 08 1:00pm
Capacity 8
Open seats 0
Price $1,300.00