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Modern Pressure Cooker | 3:00-5:00

Thanks to sleek new stovetop models and popular electric multi-cookers like the Instant Pot, your grandmother’s scary dinosaur of a pressure cooker is a thing of the past! Modern pressure cookers are safe and convenient. Discover the many advantages of pressure cooking, including increased nutrient retention and cooking times up to 2/3 faster than conventional cooking. Bring your own pressure cooker for show and tell--we might end up using it! We'll make 5-minute vegetable stock, mushroom risotto, spaghetti squash pesto toss, sweet potato and lentil soup, sassy sesame tofu, and pressure-steamed Boston brown bread.

Hands-on, $65

Instructor: Sara Bir

Sara Bir (www.sausagetarian.com) is the food editor of Paste Magazine. A native of Columbus, she graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and lives in Marietta, where she enjoys foraging for weird fruit in her spare time.

From: June 25 3:00pm
Until: June 25 5:00pm
Capacity 12
Open seats -3
Price $65.00