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Classic Cakes | 10:00-12:30

Classic Cakes-

Some things you just can’t mess with and these Classic Cakes will prove that.

Black Forest Cake is classically made with layers of Chocolate Cake, Whipped Cream, and Maraschino Cherries.

Hummingbird Cake is a more recent Classic. Similar to Carrot Cake, this southern delight is made with cinnamon, bananas, pineapple, and walnuts. It’s served with a cream cheese frosting.

Opera Cake has a rich history just like it tastes. This French cake is made of 3 layers of Joconde (almond flavored sponge soaked in coffee syrup), coffee buttercream, and chocolate ganache

Hands-on, $70

Instructor: Damaris Oldfield

damarisDamaris first discovered her love for pastry in middle school. Her passion grew as her education did. She is a graduate of Johnson & Whales University's Baking & Pastry Arts Advanced Standing Program. She completed a three-month internship at Walt Disney World. Upon graduation, she has worked with many great chefs in hotels, restaurants, and bakeries. She has formerly taught at the Art Institute in Cincinnati, where she first enjoyed sharing her sweet experiences and education. Damaris is passionate about understanding why baking works and sometimes why it doesn't. Baking should not be something too complicated for the home cook to master.

From: June 02 10:00am
Until: June 02 12:30pm
Capacity 12
Open seats 0
Price $70.00