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Steak! Different cuts, different animals cooked different ways. Grills, skillets, broilers...oh my! | 11:30-1:30

At home I like to grill year round. Whether it’s raining, sleeting, snowing or sun shining you can find me in my back yard or at the Farmhouse grilling steaks. In this class we will focus on steaks. Steaks come from more than just beef, we will explore a number of cuts from different animals. We will also cover the many cooking methods that can be used, while grilling over open coals is my favorite, our techniques will also cover broiling, sautéing, and skillet searing. Bring your appetite, and your favorite brew or wine.

Hands-on, $75

Instructor: Chef Joshua Wickham

From: May 11 11:30am
Until: May 11 1:30pm
Capacity 12
Open seats 0
Price $75.00