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Italian Small Plates | 6:00-8:00

Please join Anton Thurn of Thurn's Specialty Meats for an Italian Small Plates demonstration. Chef Anton with be covering the techniques of marinating olives, cooking risotto, making gnocchi, pressure cooking pork, biscotti di prato and a few other favorites. Guests will gather around the island. His tips and techniques will prepare you for your own Italian Small Plates soiree. Perfect for a couples night out! Bring your appetite.

Demo around the island, $75

Instructor: Chef Anton Thurn

A native to Columbus, Chef Anton Thurn began his culinary career in the family meat processing plant. Working for local Chefs beginning at the age of 14, Chef Anton started his stride of culinary expertise, going on to serve an apprenticeship with an International Culinary Gold Medalist while attending CSCC. His training paid off with prizes in national competitions and has given him the creativity and innovation to produce elegant dishes. At the age of 24, he took his leap of faith and accepted his first position as Executive Chef. Throughout his career he has been fortunate to work for two Certified Master Chefs and has taken on the challenge of Executive Chef in many city and country clubs in the region.

With a down to Earth approach to a timely preparation, Chef Anton can teach the concept of “working smatter not harder” to make your entertaining event a success.

From: March 27 6:00pm
Until: March 27 8:00pm
Capacity 12
Open seats -2
Price $75.00