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Cooking in Parchment | 11:30-1:30

Cooking in parchment or as the French say, “en papillote,” is a method of creating a parchment envelope for your food to cook in. This method is a very healthy way to cook and a lot more flavorful than steaming. It is elegant and a good strategy for creating whole meals with little clean up. In this class we will cook fish, shrimp, vegetables and dessert all en papillote! One fish we’re highlighting is a locally raised tilapia from Kingdom Fish in Logan County, from a family who’s been sustainably raising fish on their farm for 10 years free of antibiotics or growth hormones. Your dinner table will soon resemble a fancy French restaurant when you recreate this beautiful meal!

Hands-on, $65

Instructor: Chef Tricia Wheeler

Tricia Wheeler is a local entrepreneur and a classically trained chef. In addition to creating The Seasoned Farmhouse; Tricia publishes Edible Columbus, a magazine devoted to revealing the way lives are touched by locally grown foods at every stage, from the farmer’s field to the dining table. Tricia is passionate about French cooking, supporting local farms, antique dishes, elaborate table settings and exquisite food! She lives in Upper Arlington with her husband Scott, and daughter, Kensington.

From: March 22 11:30am
Until: March 22 1:30pm
Capacity 12
Open seats -1
Price $65.00